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I just wanted to write and let you know that my Spinbox has been a great success. I had been pulling my hair out as quality gradually dropped with my previous casters and to take it all in house has meant a lot less stress. I wouldn't have been able to afford it without the Spinbox. Also, I can honestly say moulding and casting my own stuff has been the most satisfying thing since I first saw my figures in metal. 


I look forward to trying out the quick release nuts. You can put me down as 'very interested' in the bigger machine you mentioned previously, too!


Thanks for a great product and the on-going support.





Just a quick line to thank you for the mould making kit you I recently purchased from yourselves. Although i had a little difficulty with the first few moulds I made I believe I have finally cracked it and using the softer rubber compounds has made it much easier.




Hi Paul,


I am a small scale producer of model train kits, mainly based on etched brass but also supplying additional white metal castings. Previously I have had moulds made by an external supplier but this year he announced his retirement I was left without a solution for a new locomotive project.


I started looking around the Internet but vulcanizing machines are normally well out of my league. But then I found your company with all stuff I needed. I got your Mold Making Starting Package and started making my first mould. Within 24 hours I had not only made the mould but also produced all 1000 or so white metal details I needed. This saved my day and literally my locomotive project.


So many thanks for your excellent work.


Yours sincerely


Mats Bjorkelund

I recently invested in a Vulcan by Spinbox Centrifugal Rubber Mould Casting Machine and I can't tell you how much time it saves, not to mention the quality of the casts. Having made moulds using cold cast silicone in the past for making my metal minis, this is a god send for me. loving the white silicone wheels too,

 so easy to work with.. highly recommended. ;) I only wish I had the funds sooner as it looks like I've been learning the hard way this whole time lol.


Hi Paul. I've been making moulds with your Vulcan can. We used M8 10 bolts for the locking studs . The pouring mushroom needed the the chamfer enlarging to 1/4 inch and having a mushroom head , this improved the flow rate considerably. The Moulds come out perfect . I set the temp to 110 degrees for 2 hours as I was using plastic masters . No distortion occurred to the masters at this temp. A very useful bit of kit . I can't wait to use the mini dipper and spinbox. I'll make some 6 inch moulds soon. I'll send you some pics asap. 


Regards Carl

Very happy with the machine  


We are looking at the vulcaniser as I have some moulds to make


Thanks Paul


We have some older moulds in Rubber but I will speak with the guys here and suggest silicone.


I am really impressed with the machine.


I know it is only a hobbiest machine but it does the job at the moment


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