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                             SpinBox Casting

Our small company was founded from the need several years ago to undertake the design production and casting of military figurines in various scales as a hobby.

At the time and still to this day in the UK there were few if any options to acquire the equipment needed at a sensible price most seemed to be available in the USA who seemed to be well catered for in this respect.

There was a machine available but this was for making RTV (room temperature vulcanising) moulds and the mould size was too small for our needs anyway.

What was needed was a cost-effective vulcaniser to enable us to vulcanise moulds up to 9” in diameter so we designed and manufactured the Vulcan vulcanising mould can.

After many iterations, we got the design right and we now have 4 of these in daily use in our small moulding and casting workshop and they have served us well.

Since launch we have sold many of these both here in the UK and as far as India and the United Emirates.

Our design does away with the need for using the rather large and expensive 3 or 4 post heated vulcanising press, instead we can now vulcanise in our small workshop domestic oven.

We also designed and manufactured the ancillary tools needed to go with the mould can including the down sprue, sprue form, shim plates and all the items needed to make your own moulds literally in-house and at an affordable price.

We also offer mould rubber sets in organic and silicone matched to the Vulcan mould can which will enable you to make master and production moulds.

The Spinbox Casting machine was designed with the hobbyist in mind and with its small footprint can find a home on the workbench of budding metal casters again at an affordable price.

Ok, it does not have the bells and whistles of some of the production machines available here and in the USA but it is well engineered and suitable for small to medium batch runs of castings and has served us well.

What of the future? Well, we plan to introduce a more industrial floor standing casting machine with digital readout variable speed, auto braking and clamping and the ability to cast in 12” moulds.

Watch this space!


Spinbox Casting -  UK manufacturer and supplier of Centrifugal Casting Machines Vulcanising Mould Cans, Tools, Materials and Equipment, for mould making & casting. It is used for casting military figures and accessories, vehicle kits, model railway parts, jewellery, badges, jewellery components and dolls house accessories.

spinbox centrifugal casting machine
Vulcancaniser 9 inch
Silicone Mould Model Railway
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