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SB-VC90 Vulcanising Mould Can for producing your own vulcanised organic or silicone rubber moulds up to 9 inch in diameter.

This is the new improved version with High Tensile Steel studs  and cast iron star hand knobs enabling toolless assembly.

Comes complete with 38mm Core plug.


Vulcan Mould Vulcanising Can

  • The Vulcan mould vulcanising can is a heavy duty rubber vulcaniser for vulcanising natural and silicone rubber moulds.
    The Moulds and patterns or masters are placed in the can and then clamped down under force before being placed in an oven for up to 2 hours to vulcanise the natural rubber.
    The vulcanised mould is then used to cast in pewter or whitemetal.
    This vulcaniser can take up to 9 inch (230mm) mould halves max but with the use of an adapter available from us can also vulcanise smaller 6 inch moulds
    Constructed from 10mm Mild steel plate with a 20mm clamping lid this is a heavy tool and should be used with care.  

  • Dia     275mm
    Height  95mm
    Weight 18KG

    Max Mould size 9 inch (230mm)

    Constructed fom 10mm Mild steel and Cast Iron with stainless steel fittings

    As part of our ongoing product development specifications may change at any time

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