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New Improved all Spinboxes now come with quick release clamp nuts as standard.


The SB-CCM90 SpinBox Centrifugal Casting Machine is a complete low-cost system for casting white metal & pewter in organic & silicone rubber moulds.

It is used for casting military figurines and accessories, vehicle kits, model railway parts, jewellery, badges, jewellery components and dolls house accessories.

SpinBox Centrifugal Rubber Mould Casting Machine

Out of Stock
  • The SpinBox Centrifugal Casting machine designed and made to cast up to 9 inch moulds at various speeds
    We recommend 610/890RPM. Solidly constructed using cast iron main spindle column parts.
    The spinning bottom plate is 6mm thick mild steel as is the top clamping plate.

  • Length 600mm
    Width  340mm
    Height 350mm
    Weight 23KG

    Max Mould size 9 inch (230mm)

    Complete with Quick Action Nuts

    Power 350W
    Voltage 230V 50Hz
    Motor Type Induction
    operating Time 30min max
    Speeds 5 via belt position
    Speed 580,850,1220,1650 & 2560RPM
    Sound  81 dB(A)

    As part of our ongoing product development specifications may change at any time

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