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We are often asked for the items required to begin moulding and now offer this starter package to get you going.

This Heavy Duty Set incudes all you require to start making your own 9 inch moulds in Organic Rubber

This package includes a 5% discount on purchasing the items separately.

Heavy Duty Mould Making Starter Package Organic Black Discs

  • Package Contents


    I x Heavy Duty Vulcan vulcanising can to vulcanise your moulds.(includes down sprue).

    1 x Shim set 1mm & 2mm to shim your moulds when moulding small parts.

    1 x Gate Sprue to produce your centre gate form.

    1 x Box of 100 M6 Acorn Nuts to register both mould halves.

    4 x 9 inch Organic Discs

    1 x Bag French Chalk (100g) for use as release agent.

    1 x Dusting bag for applying french chalk.

    1 x Pair red heat proof gauntlets for handling hot vulcanising can.

    1 x Instructions.


    With the above equipment and your own patterns you are on your way to making your own moulds.


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