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We are Increasing our Casting Alloy Stocks

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

In Stock Now

Low Melt Casting Alloy

The “Industry Standard” for casting of model figures. Lead-rich casting alloy offering good definition at an affordable price. Solidus 185°C Liquidus 231°C Density 9.43g/cc Pouring temperature 260°C - 310°C approx.

Sold in 1kg Nominal Ingots

High grade tin-rich (90%+) alloy with lead content designed for production of masters. Exceptionally good flow characteristics and high definition makes this the ideal choice for high quality master production. Solidus 185°C Liquidus 210°C Density 7.68g/cc. Pouring Temperature: 260 - 300°C approx

Sold in 1kg Nominal Ingots

We shall be stocking more general use low cost alloy in the near future.

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